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  VIDEO INTRO: Welcome

Welcome to the Chi Running Instructor Online Training Course. The course is divided into Modules and Units. Each Module covers a topic, for example, Posture and within each Module there are a number of Units, including:

  • Script: Helps you teach clearly and succinctly. Always follow as closely as possible and keep it simple.
  • Additional Information/Notes: This Unit consolidates the Script, giving a deeper understanding to the topic and encourages further research and learning.
  • Video Tutorials: Activities, exercises, drills, tests, visualisations etc to help you deliver the materials to your cleints.
  • Coaching Cues: Highlighting the key teaching points in the form of video tutorials and downloadable cheatsheets.
  • Quiz: The quiz will test your understanding of the Module topic. You need to reach the required pass mark to progress to the next Module.

I look forward very much to working with you at the practice workshops but, in the meantime, if you have any comments or questions please use the Comments sections within the course Units.

Best wishes


Master Instructor and Director Chi Running UK & Ireland